Announcing Apache Ambari 2.4

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Announcing Apache Ambari 2.4

The standard tool for monitoring and administration has been updated with log searching, role-based access control, and cluster reporting.

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We are pleased to announce the latest release of Apache Ambari 2.4 which further simplifies Hadoop Operations. With Ambari 2.4 (which is part of the recently released Hortonworks Data Platform 2.5, enterprises can plan, install and securely configure the Hortonworks Data Platform and easily provide ongoing maintenance and management. This new release includes an integrated Log Search capability for searching, browsing and filtering cluster logs for easier troubleshooting. It also includes a new Role-Based Access Control model that allows the operator to provide different users with a controlled set of operational access to the cluster.

There is a lot more…so let’s dig into a few of the new Ambari 2.4 features:

Log Search (Technical Preview)

Reduce Time to Troubleshoot Problems

Apache Hadoop components create a lot of log data. Accessing that log data to understand what the component is telling you, especially when issues arise, is critical. Apache Ambari includes a new Log Search service that provides agents for log collection and a delivers a custom UI for searching those logs. This is essential to providing a streamlined approach to searching for stack traces and exceptions across all nodes in the cluster.

Role-Based Access Control

Improve Operational Efficiency, Flexibility and Security

In this release, Ambari includes additional cluster operational roles provide more granular division of control for cluster operations. This flexible Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) allows you to grant different levels of cluster operational privileges to users and groups. Easily control privileges for managing, adding and removing services within the cluster.

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SmartSense 1.3 Integration

Gain Visibility Into Cluster Activity and Reduce Time Spent Troubleshooting Issues

SmartSense provides Hadoop Operations teams access to industry-best practices and domain expertise. In this release, SmartSense improves your insight into cluster activity with visualization and reporting capabilities for YARN, MapReduce, Tez, and HDFS, giving operators the ability to quickly understand how business users and tenants are using cluster resources.


Customizable Cluster Alert Checks

Tailor HDP to Fit With Your Enterprise Monitoring Environment

Ambari configures a set of predefined alerts — based on operational best practices — for cluster monitoring that provide full visibility into the cluster health. This Ambari release extends the core Ambari Alerts capability with an ability to tune checks to control dispatching alert notifications in case of a transient environment issues.

Download Ambari and Get Started

Many thanks to all of the contributors and committers who collaborated on Ambari 2.4. We should highlight that the Ambari 2.4 resolves more than 2,200 JIRAs.

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