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Announcing Couchbase Server 6.0 With Analytics

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Announcing Couchbase Server 6.0 With Analytics

In addition to the new Analytics service, Couchbase is also releasing updates to the Eventing and Full-Text Search services.

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We are proud to announce that Couchbase Server 6.0 is now available, with the central theme of helping reduce the time to insight from enterprise applications. As part of this release, Couchbase Analytics service is now officially available. After two years in the making, we are thrilled to reach this milestone for our users today.

In addition to the new Analytics service, we are also releasing updates to the Eventing and Full-Text Search services.

The Couchbase NoSQL Database now supports Hybrid Operational and Analytical Processing (HOAP) workloads and allows NoSQL users to run ad-hoc analytical queries leveraging a Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) query engine to reduce the time to insight without impacting application performance.

Couchbase Analytics service provides the following key capabilities:

  • Fast ingest: Availability of data for analytical processing in milliseconds
  • NoETL for NoSQL: Process JSON data in its natural form without the need for any transformation or schema design changes
  • Workload isolation: Run ad-hoc queries without impacting application performance
  • Ad-hoc querying: Allow business users to explore data and perform complex joins and aggregations
  • N1QL for Analytics: First commercial implementation of the language for querying schemaless, semi-structured JSON data

How Analytics Makes a Difference in Couchbase Server

Here's what we have heard from the early adopters of the Analytics service:

Unmatched agility and flexibility
  • Reduce time to insight by making operational data available for analytical processing in near real-time
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need to create a separate infrastructure for analytical data
Unparalleled performance at any scale
  • Run analytical queries at any scale with an MPP engine that scales linearly providing the flexibility to add capacity on-demand
  • Analytical queries are run on dedicated nodes that can run complex, resource-intensive queries and don't impact the query latency and throughput of operational systems
The easiest platform to use and manage
  • Add Analytics nodes in less than five clicks and simplify operations with analytical and operational workloads in a single platform
  • Analyze JSON data in its natural form without defining a rigid schema using a rich declarative query language that is really easy for SQL developers to learn
Learn more about Analytics:

Well, that's not all that there is in this release. We've also made significant enhancements to Couchbase Eventing and Full-Text Search services.

Timers in Couchbase Functions

Couchbase Eventing Service has been enhanced and now includes the ability to trigger routines at specific timestamps. Timers are constructs by which developers can specify a routine (business logic) to be triggered at a future time.

Read more about Couchbase Timers here.

Full-Text Search (FTS)

The Full-Text Search service has greatly improved indexing capabilities. Indexing time has been cut in half - up to 2x faster indexing is now possible. Index space on disk has also been improved, with size decreased by up to 70%. Upgrade by editing your index and choosing the new 6.0 index type option, which is now the default for any new indexes.

Read about the other Full-text Search improvements in this article.

Try Couchbase Server 6.0 Today

Download the new release, and we look forward to your feedback on the Couchbase forums.

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