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Announcing the DZone Guide to Developer Programs

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Announcing the DZone Guide to Developer Programs

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Announcing the DZone Guide to Developer Programs!

Developer programs are focused communities of practice, gathering developers around specific technologies and offering high-quality tools, shared expertise, and all kinds of community support.

That’s why we weren’t surprised that 77% of you asked us to publish a Guide to Developer Programs - more than any other topic we proposed last year.

Our goal here at DZone is to help our community share their skills. You’ve asked for it, and we’re proud to announce the DZone Guide to Developer Programs!

Our Guide to Developer Programs, launching next Monday, is the quintessential resource for any developer. In this Guide, we’ll offer resources on what developer programs are made of, how developer programs can help you, and how to pick the right program for you.

We’ve learned a lot about how you choose and use developer programs, and we’ve assembled our tried and true solutions directory with tons of data on over 40 developer programs.

DZone’s Guide to Developer Programs will release on Monday, March 30th. The guide includes:

  • Profiles on over 40 developer programs
  • Survey results from more than 800 IT professionals
  • Developer program comparison scorecard
  • Infographic depicting the most important features of a developer program according to our audience

The guide also features these in-depth articles from industry experts:

Download Building Reactive Microservices in Java: Asynchronous and Event-Based Application Design. Brought to you in partnership with Red Hat


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