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Announcing the New Logentries Community

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At Logentries, when we founded the company back in 2010, we started as two broke guys with a credit card (thanks AWS for taking the capital expense out of a startup), and built a cloud based logging service based on our research learnings in distributed systems.logentries-community

As Verner Vogels, the AWS CTO said at least year’s AWS New York summit “if you want to increase innovation, you have to lower the cost of failure”*. We had the same idea with Logentries, we wanted toprovide something for the masses that was easy to use, whereby people could understand the systems they were building with lower cost than ever before (in terms of time, dollars and expertise). Let’s face it- there are lots of powerful, expensive and complex logging solutions out there designed for security experts or data scientists… but what about for everyone else?

Luckily we hit on something that a lot of people really needed: an easy to use, real time log management and analytics service designed on the cloud… for the cloud. Since then we’ve gone from nought to over 35 thousand users that access our service from over 100 countries. That’s a lot of people doing some really cool things with their logs. Some of my favorites include:

Obviously there’s all the more traditional logging use cases that we see such as production monitoring, troubleshooting, real user monitoring, product usage analytics, ad tracking, security analysis etc.

What’s clear is that logs are no longer a ‘developer’s tool of last resort’. They are no longer only used by those experts you call on to decipher cryptic messages when there’s a major outage. Today they are used for a whole range of cool things!

So where do all these people with cool logging use cases hang out, exchange ideas and discuss innovation and best practices in the logging space?  

Today we are launching the new Logentries community as a home for all things logging. A place for anyone from experts to newbies to learn about, discuss and contribute to building and understanding better systems through the medium of logs.

Synergy, comes from the greek term συνεργία synergia meaning ‘working together’ – we’re looking forward to working together with our 35,000 users, peers, and pretty much anyone online interested in using log data to innovate and understand. We intend to provide the go to place for everything logging and put simply, to provide a logging community that is a whole lot greater than the sum of its parts….

Let’s get it going: community.logentries.com

* Verner was himself quoting Joi Ito, Director of MIT Media Lab

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