Announcing the Release of Couchbase Mobile 1.1

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Announcing the Release of Couchbase Mobile 1.1

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[This article was written by Ali LeClerc, Product Marketing Manager, Mobile at Couchbase.]

We’re excited to announce the release of Couchbase Mobile 1.1, available now for download. We’ve focused on building new features and enhancements in Couchbase Mobile 1.1.

Highlights include:

Couchbase Lite for iOS

  • A newly overhauled Core Data adapter, CBLIncrementalStore, which allows you to easily add sync to your Core Data apps by using Couchbase Lite as your backing store
  • Support for multiple data persistence libraries, including a preview of our storage engine of the future: ForestDB
  • Query your database using NSPredicate via the new CBLQueryBuilder class

Couchbase Lite for .NET

  • Peer-to-peer sync allows two or more apps using Couchbase Lite to replicate directly with each other
  • Self-hosted HTTP REST endpoint enables apps to expose a REST API

Sync Gateway

Download Couchbase Mobile 1.1 today
Read the Couchbase Mobile 1.1 release notes
Get started with Couchbase Mobile 1.1

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