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Another Conceptualized Entity Emerges

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Another Conceptualized Entity Emerges

Technology terminology can be confusing and quirky. In this article, we take a look at the term "DevOps' to reveal the meaning of this popular tech term.

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Whenever you flick on your PC, browse the internet and spy a website, more often than not you are going to come face to face with a myriad of new tech names you’ve never heard of before. The obvious is that probably some tech guru has invented a method, service, gadget, device or software app that must have a name. They have to be geeky unlike say IT management services.

But because of their very nature and technical make-up some of their inventors come up with some pretty amazing terminology for creating what they view as suitable names for their inventions. We therefore have names like “DevOps”, “Microservice”, “SonarQube”, “Debugging Code”, “Particle Core Photon”, PaaS and a plethora of many more names and concepts that appear on our PC screens

It is simply because of their geekiness and uniqueness that they are not found in any dictionary save for some geeky guide for strange names and concepts but make no mistake, they are very much part of our world and they are here to stay. So the most logical thing to do is to dig in and get acquainted.

I’ve made that kind of resolution and I am determined to learn all I can with the first one – DevOps simply because it has a strange ring to it and has got my antennas shaking and quivering sensing something exciting.

The best way to go about this is perhaps to delve into a bit of research to discover what the term actually means. The word can be taken to mean development operations but it needs to be narrowed down or we will encroach on some field belonging to the military.

Some inventors and users agree that it applies to the development of groups or communities of tech developers mainly in the field of app development. There appears to be some truth in this thinking as the focus of the concept is that of bridging the gap between intuitive creativity and technological advancement that both complement each other.

But of course the development of any creativity and subsequent technological advancement can only happen within a group environment. An environment where a group of technological experts are gathered to form and create an entity that deal solely in the production of software apps.

At DevOps, the group of experts view their surroundings such as their workplace not so much as the infrastructure from where mainstream products roll off the assembly line. Rather, they view it as a workplace where they can churn out a multitude of applications or apps and not see their surroundings as an infrastructure that engages actively in the creation of a product or products.

But this narrow definition of the concept can be misleading for DevOps means a lot more than just e conjuring up of apps for sale on the market. It definitely means much more and most of it involves lots of interactive communication with members of the general public who are in fact potential customers.

An aspiring technocrat that aspires to success for the sale of his wares must look to DevOps to make it happen. If he wants to play a positive role in the success of the tech industry he must do the ground works in PR. It is simply the key ingredient because without it, no business can survive for long.

Business is such a cutthroat occupation that only the fittest can survive these days that involvement in the community or creating a community takes precedence even over sales. It is here that the sales materialize and enrich rather that the other way round. So getting the attention and capturing new members to your group is crucial.

But of course enticing an capturing the right kind of members can be a daunting experience but it is only a superficial hurdle that can be surmounted if you follow the points listed below:

  • When you are recruiting new members to your group or community as members have them introduce themselves the first time they join during a first meeting. Admittedly this would be difficult at first but practice makes perfect and it also consolidates confidence.

  • Adopt a flexible attitude when it comes to selecting your members. Tech experts are fine but so are others who can perform other jobs around the workplace.

  • On making first contact every interactive act must be seen as a unique opportunity for both you and the new member. Your attention to the new member must be totally committed without the slightest display of nonchalant self-interest.

  • Every lesson in anything must have a learning curve embedded in its structure and content. Ideally it must begin with the basics and then delve into the more technical details towards the end of the lesson or presentation.

It follow then that although DevOps may be seen as a group of tech experts going about their business of inventing and producing applications of every description, they cannot last long if they fail to engage in PR activities.

So while the narrow definition of DevOps can compete successfully with an IT management services company on the basis of technological know-how alone, they will both fail if they do not recognize and practice the bigger picture which is DevOps on the move within the community.

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