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Anyone Can Be A Codesmith.

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If you are a Star Wars fan or not most of you will have heard of the Jedi. In the world of Star Wars these were an elite class of warriors, who went around putting wrongs right. There were not that many of them and when one of them went rogue, only one of the Jedi were left standing and then he ceased to be a Jedi anymore and became a Sith Lord.

Now many people would think that belonging to an elite group like this would be a good thing. Only those with the highest skills or the potential of having the highest skills would be let in and it would keep the skills of the group at a high level right?

I do not see that myself. I personally think this can lead down a wrong path. You see the way I look at things is that if you have a lot of people who think the same way, and they train people who only think in the same way. Then you get stagnation. New ideas are less likely to come into the group and the group and their skills do not grow.

Having an elite group like this can also discourage people from joining. And if you do not have people join, then eventually the group will wither and die.

The barrier to being a codesmith should be low.

This is why I think that anyone who writes code in any shape or form should feel free about calling themselves a codesmith. The ideals of craftmanship should be followed, with a healthy dose of pragmatism, but learning the skills to become a good coder takes time and experience. I also do not believe that you can always tell if someone will make a good codesmith or not. Some codesmiths who have few skills at the moment might just need a small push in the right direction to make their code better.

But the barrier to being a codesmith master should be high.

Because this is what will help keep the term codesmith synonymous with the ideals of craftmanship and quality that being a codesmith should imply.

So are you a codesmith? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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