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Apache Camel 2.12 - Even Easier Cron Scheduled Routes

In the upcoming release of Apache Camel 2.12 we have introduced an SPI that allows users to plugin different schedulers for schedule-based consumers.

The motivation for this feature came from the fact that some Camel components have scheduled consumers.  Usually file and FTP consumers. By default, they use the scheduler from the JVM that can schedule based on a fixed period. Now, with the SPI, we allow a different scheduler to be used instead.

We have two cron-based schedulers ready out-of-box in the camel-quartz2 and camel-spring components. So pick your favorite, or dive in and build your own scheduler.

CRON expression
If you want to pickup files during working hours (polling every 10th second) on weekdays, you can easily do this now (notice we use + as a space separator).

Example with Spring:

<from uri="file:inbox?scheduler=spring&scheduler.cron=0/10+6-18+*+*+MON-FRI"/>

  Example with Quartz:

<from uri="file:inbox?scheduler=quartz2&scheduler.cron=0/10+6-18+*+*+MON-FRI"/>
To implement a similar solution in older releases of Camel, you would need to use sort in order to use a route policy. There is a cron-based route policy that can be used to setup cron expressions when a route should be started and when it should be stopped. With this new functionality in Camel 2.12, it's even easier to just define the cron expression in the endpoint URI directly.
There are more details in the Camel docs:
Camel-quartz2 is also a new component in the upcoming Apache Camel 2.12 release. In fact, we already have 14 new components. You can take a peek at the work-in-progress release notes to see what is coming down the road.

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