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Apache Deltacloud Gets Out of the Incubator to Offer a Cross-Cloud API

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Apache Deltacloud Gets Out of the Incubator to Offer a Cross-Cloud API

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The Apache Software Foundation has announced the promotion of its Deltacloud project from "incubation" to "Apache Top-Level Project," after less than one year in development. The project was proposed in May of 2010 by David Lutterkort, who has served as the chair of the project's management committee since it's inception.  The Deltacloud provides a RESTful API for interacting with Cloud service providers like AWS and Windows Azure in a unified manner.  It also offers libraries for a range of programming languages. 

This project provides two main benefits to users.  First, it is a vendor neutral project, otherwise known as Open Source, otherwise known as FREE.  Second, the project enables users to interact with various cloud servoces by programming in a single API.  As with any successful open-source project, it's usability must stand the test of time and users.  Luckily, the Deltacloud site claims that the API will include "backward compatability across versions, providing long-term stability for scripts, tools and application."

Deltacloud was created by code originally developed using code made at RedHat, where Lutterkort is Principal Software Engineer.  At least one Cloud hosting service has vouched for the importance of interoperability between clouds. Says Mark Worsey, CIO and EVP of Technology at GoGrid, one such cloud hosting service:

Ubiquity between clouds will be critical in the coming years and Deltacloud enables developers to only have to code towards one API . . . At GoGrid, we feel it is extremely important to continue openness within the cloud community and provide APIs that are accessible, useful and adopted by other 3rd party libraries like Deltacloud. -- Mark Worsey

It will be interesting to see how the Deltacloud project will be embraced by the Open Source community and vendors.  For further information about Deltacloud, including source code, documentation, and related sources, head over to the official site, linked below. 



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