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Apache JMeter Version 2.3.2 has been release

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Apache JMeter Version 2.3.2 has been release

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Apache JMeter has release JMeter 2.3.2 with many bug fixes and functional and non-functional improvements.

Among the improvements you can find

  • The CSV Dataset configuration element has new file sharing options: per thread group, per thread, per identifier. This allows for more flexible file processing, e.g. each thread can process the same data in the same order.
  • Switch Controller now works properly with functions and variables, and the condition can now be a name instead of a number. Simple Controller now works properly under a While Controller
  • CSV fields in JTL files can now contain delimiters. CSV and XML files can now contain additional variables (define the JMeter property sample_variables ).
  • XPath processing is improved; Tidy errors are handled better.
  • Number of classes loaded in non-GUI mode is much reduced.
  • Give BeanShell, Javascript and Jexl functions access to JMeter properties via the "props" object
  • Give Beanshell test elements access to JMeter Properties via "props" object
  • Added BSF PreProcessor, PostProcessor and Assertion test elements
  • All BSF elements now have access to System.out via the variable "OUT"

 Some of the non-functional improvements are as follow: 

  • Better handling of MirrorServer startup problems and improved unit test.
  • Skip BeanShell tests if jar is not present
  • Use properties for log/logn function descriptions
Congratulatons for the new release.

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