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Apache Mahout - 2 Demonstrations

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Lucid Imagination recently hosted the first San Francisco Apache Mahout User Meeting on November 29th 2011. The 3 hours session was packed with talks by Grant Ingersoll from Lucid Imagination and Ted Dunning of MapR Technologies followed by networking, food and drinks. Session slides and videos are now available.

The first talk was given by Grant Ingersoll and he focused on using Mahout to cluster, classify and recommend email. Followed by a demonstration of using scripts packaged with Mahout. Here are the slides for this session.

Mahout 1 from Lucene Revolution on Vimeo.


The second talk was given by Ted Dunning who talked about how using random projections in machine learning can benefit performance without sacrificing quality. Session slides available here.

Mahout 2 from Lucene Revolution on Vimeo.

Source:  http://www.lucidimagination.com/blog/2011/12/13/apache-mahout-user-meeting-session-slides-and-videos-are-now-available/


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