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Apache Maven 3 Cookbook

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This review is about Apache Maven 3 Cookbook from Srirangan from Packt Publishing.


  1. 9 chapters, 208 pages, $35.99
  2. This book covers Apache Maven 3


Each recipe is structured in 3 steps:

  1. “Getting ready”
  2. “How to do it”
  3. “See also” for references on associated recipes


  1. The scope of the book is too large for only 200 pages. It spans from Java to Scala and Groovy through Android, GWT and Flex.
  2. Most products installation processes (Sonatype Nexus, Hudson) are documented with a few screenshots. It would have been better to reference the product installation on the Web or to go in detail. In the current state of thing, most readers are left wondering what to do with it.
  3. The recipe structure is well adapted for… recipes. When talking about general Maven principles like compiling a project, it feels convoluted and artificial.
  4. Writing a whole chapter about native Maven reporting when there’s Sonar? Come on…


I was expecting much from this book, because I’m a daily Maven user and because Maven is regularly misused (see here and here for a start). I’m sorry to say I’m disappointed: there’s not much regarding how to resolve daily Maven problems provided. The concept is a good idea but IMHO the result is a failure.

Disclaimer: I was provided the book freely, courtesy of Packt Publishing


From http://blog.frankel.ch/apache-maven-3-cookbook

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