Apache NiFi at DWS Berlin 2018

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Apache NiFi at DWS Berlin 2018

Get a roundup of the Apache NiFi talks at DataWorks Summit Berlin 2018.

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DataWorks Summit in Berlin this year was great. There was a lot of great content and in this article, I will focus on the great Apache NiFi content. Andy LoPresto crushed it in Berlin with a ton of talks and a great Meetup presentation. All of Andy LoPresto's slides from the meetup, crash courses, and talks are available here.

First up, Andy LoPresto spoke about everything related to Apache NiFi/MiNiFi and IoT.  

My talk about MiNiFi and Raspberry Pis running deep learning is here.

Then Andy taught an awesome crash course on Apache NiFi. This is a great way to start learning Apache NiFi. I recommend attending the crash course on Apache NiFi in San Jose in June. Also, come and say hi — I'll be talking on OpenCV and Apache NiFi.

I did a talk on Apache NiFi, IoT, and Apache MXNet.

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You can check out the slides here. All of the content will be shown as videos on YouTube very soon. Also, check out my source code for replicating it.

Best Practices With Apache NiFi at Renault is a must-watch talk. The uses of Apache NiFi by Renault for manufacturing are very cool.

Andy did a killer Birds of Feather with Apache NiFi and some Apache Beam. I was very active in answering questions from the crowd. Streaming groups have very active discussions and interesting real-world use cases in manufacturing, retail, and utilities among many others.

On the next day, Andy did a great MiNiFi talk

I did a talk on Apache NiFi and Apache MXNet covering various ways to integrate your flows with deep learning, including Python and REST.   

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There was also a great Apache Metron talk. Apache Metron is a very powerful machine learning powered cybersecurity solution so naturally, it uses Apache NiFi for much of the ingestion and preprocessing. If you haven't look at it yet, you should.

Andy also did a BotNet and Apache NiFi talk. This ties in well with the Apache Metron discussion and what you can do to battle the BotNet onslaught.

Andy did another Apache NiFi talk on the software development lifecycle with Apache NiFi and its new registry. 

Here is a great talk on using Apache NiFi in a real production environment.

Slides can be found here.

Another use case with Apache NiFi involving industrial management was a natural fit.

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