API and Microservices Virtual Summit: The Digital Enterprise

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API and Microservices Virtual Summit: The Digital Enterprise

API Academy's upcoming Virtual Summit tackles topics on APIs in microservice architecture.

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When we started the API Academy in 2012, our goal was to help organizations realize business benefits through the use of web APIs. Since then, we have helped numerous companies achieve success, whether they were looking to publish open or private APIs, whether they were coming at it from a business or tech perspective, and whether they were adopting APIs in small pockets or trying to scale to the needs of their enterprise. Along the way, we increasingly used our knowledge of how the web works and how to work on the web to provide guidance in areas adjacent to the API domain: Agile methodologies, DevOps culture, cloud-native technologies, and—most notably—microservice architecture. Taken together, these approaches define a new paradigm for large organizations who value their software delivery as a core business capability; organizations who aspire to become digital enterprises.

What makes a digital enterprise? In our trend-driven software industry, “digital transformation” is one of the loudest buzz terms out there, but it can be hard to cut through the hype and find what’s behind this movement. In our experience, it’s a combination of fear and opportunity. Enterprises fear that their industries will be disrupted by startups or web-native behemoths. They fear that they will never fully pay down their technical debt, and only continue to incur more. They fear that their culture and silos are too entrenched to change. However, these enterprises also see the opportunities they can tap into if they can digitize their data, optimize their processes, and synthesize and operationalize their collective information.

On October 11, CA is hosting a Virtual Summit on APIs and Microservices where the members of the API Academy will share the best practices we have learned in working with large organizations across the globe. We will cover building blocks of the digital enterprise, from the architectural approach of microservices that helps improve the efficiency and scalability of software delivery, to the APIs that become the vital digital products of the new economy. There will be two sessions:

Tackling Complexity in Enterprise Software Engineering Through APIs and Microservices (1PM EDT)

In this talk, I will examine the types and sources of complexity in the software engineering landscape, then show how microservice architecture and API first development can help large organizations deal optimally with this complexity depending on their priorities. The talk introduces the Microservice-based Enterprise Transformation Approach (“META” for short), a recipe for building the software delivery capability needed in a digital enterprise.

Continuous API Lifecycle Management: API Management for the Microservices Age (2PM EDT)

In this discussion, API Academy members Mehdi Medjaoui, Erik Wilde, Ronnie Mitra, and Mike Amundsen will share their perspectives on the evolution of API Management in organizations, large and small. They will cover the different lifecycles involved in the world of APIs, from individual APIs to API landscapes. The topics covered in this talk will also be covered in the group’s upcoming O’Reilly Media book.

If your organization is facing challenges in these areas or looking to further advance its use of APIs and microservices, join us live at the virtual summit on October 11 or catch the replays on-demand.

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