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API Business Models

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More and more conferences and events on APIs are blooming every day. Last week it was the APIDays Mediterranea conference in Madrid, and 3scale was pleased to participate as a sponsors and to have the opportunity to make a presentation.

Guillaume Balas, our CMO, talked about API Business Models, about how to define your API business strategy based on your core business assets, and about how to enable new business models for your company by exposing and API. Here are some of the highlights of his talk:

  • APIs are everywhere, and they are currently reshaping the web and disrupting many industries

  • The value is not in the API but in the organization’s core business, therefore the question to be asked is: ‘What API for my business model?’

  • When defining your API business strategy, identify to whom you are delivering value: customers, developers, internal projects, partners, mobile apps, affiliates…?

  • Define your API business strategy after identifying your core assets. Shape your API strategy to capture the value most effectively.

  • Not all APIs are directly monetizable (as in getting direct revenues). This is only true when the API is the product, or when the API projects the product.

We really enjoyed the event, and we also had the chance to catch up with a lot of friends from API space during APIDays Mediterranea. Thank you @APIDaysmedit and @APIDays2013 for a great event and looking forward to the next one! (Which will take place on June 21st and 22nd in San Francisco, and btw, we have a 20% off code for 3scale users and friends, let us know if you are interested in attending).

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