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API Design & Development Guidelines – Selected Resources

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The 3scale tech team is being increasingly asked information, tips, recommendations, or examples about API design and development best practices. This is great! We love that!

It confirms that APIs are hot and a key element of today’s cloud computing, cloud services and cloud apps! And it also underpins the need for great resources about API design and development.

We have decided to start a compilation of what selected really cool and useful resources that will definitely help you design and develop great APIs. We’ll try to grow this list of resources regularly. Feel free to share with us some!

1. API enable Cloud Scale MVC by Steven Willmott

APIs: the Glue of Cloud Computing
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2. How To Design A Good API and Why it Matters by Joshua Block
How a successful API can “make” a company, a bad API can be amongst a company’s greatest liability…

The slides of Joshua’s presentation here:

3. The top 10 most common API pitfalls by Rick Nucci – Source: TechCrunch

4. API anti patterns by Mike Pearce

4. Web API Documentation Best Practices by Peter Gruenbaum – Source: ProgrammableWeb

Because Web APIs are still fairly new, the quality and format of their documentation varies a great deal. Find enclosed the details about a good API documentation.

Web API Documentation Best Practices

In any case, if you have any questions about APIs, whether technical or business related, feel free to contact us at info@3scale.net

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