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App Design Process

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App Design Process

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Here’s an interesting read on the process of designing an app:

The Process of Visually Actualizing an iPhone App (But Losing the Race)

Since I had a bunch of design work made for an app that did not reach App Store in time, I thought: Why not share this in a blog post so that people can see and feedback on parts of the design process that I use and advocate? So, here is a selection of some of the visual deliverables that I regularly produce in a mobile app project…


That sound like it’s a bit heavy on the paper side for you? There’s a number of visual design helpers springing up these days too. A couple that’ve caught our eye recently:

Prototypes is a $40 Mac app that lets you deploy mildly interactive image mockups to the device.

AppCooker is a $20 iPad app that has a really rather remarkable current and allegedly forthcoming feature set for all sorts of app design tasks; check out the review here.

The blog that review is from also has a previous series which looks like it nicely summarizes the state of app design up to the two just mentioned:

Prototyping tools for iOS app Design: Part 1 – classification

Prototyping tools for iOS app design: Part 2 – Pen, Stencils

Prototyping tools for iOS app design: Part 3 – Bitmap based kits

Prototyping tools for iOS app design: Part 4 – Vector based kits

Prototyping tools for iOS app design: Part 5 – Applications

Prototyping tools for iOS app design: Part 6 – Libraries

So getting through all that should bring you pretty much up to speed on the state of the union in design tools, we trust.

Aaaand while we’re collecting design-related stuff, here’s some more worth reading recentish links with hints and tips:

iOS Usability Tips and Resources for iPhone and iPad Apps

A Useful Collection of iPhone/iPad Apps Developer Tools and Resources

All It Needs Is Love

Money Can’t Buy You Love: Why Some Apps Work, Some Don’t

HOW TO: Create a Blockbuster Mobile App

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