App Markets at a Glance: Featuring Tested Stores with the Emerging Ones

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App Markets at a Glance: Featuring Tested Stores with the Emerging Ones

An analysis of various app stores for mobile platforms, and what makes them succeed.

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App stores are of special relevance. Be it any operating system, applications do form the core of each and the diversity depends on the ease of coding and other developing schemes. For the starters, iOS, Windows and Android are the predominant interfaces and the app count for each seems to be growing with each passing day. Besides these we have those independent and emerging app markets which provide localized support and are slowly pushing up the international charts.

The ‘Apple App Store’

With over 65,000 apps and 1.5 billion downloads, Apple has easily treaded past its rivals. This was the count almost ages ago as now the company boasts of around 1.4 million applications with the roots spread across 155 countries.

The reason for this global shift would be the Quality control catering to the classier flock with an integrated app management scheme. Again for the myriad developers, the iOS happens to be an attractive interface and the apps are certainly more powerful, just for the sake of impressing and keeping up with the platform.

The Android Challenge

While Apple has been far ahead of all its contemporaries, Android with its elusive Play Store comes in as the most fitting challenger. Reports suggest that the worldwide downloads from the Play store were about 60 percent higher than the iOS store, one possible reason of this that Android Apps can also be installed into PCs like Showbox For PC or WhatsApp Messaging App and even you can also update your WhatsApp Status straight from your PC but revenue collected by the latter is on the higher side.

Latest tweaks made to the store include refurbishing the Details Page besides adding in those Enterprising Applications. Reward vouchers for Play Store discounts were included in addition to those surveying options.

Windows to the Fore

With over 400K applications lingering around, the Windows Phone Store has certainly come up in a big way. While some applications have been compromised for the newer ones, some have been updated to suit the myriad user requirements.

The pertinent issue however still remains to be the app discoverability. The algorithms are getting up dated and we soon might get over this elusive glitch by the time Windows 10 comes out in open.

Besides these well known names, the online domains have come up with many Operating Systems in Cyanogen Mod, Ubuntu and PalmOS which have their own dedicated app markets. Even android stacks in a few third-party applications that have evolved into independent app stores!

Mobo Market

Here is one third-party application for android users supporting newer UI in addition to the revamped search engine.

This application features Geo-location based recommendations in terms of content and apps alike. One can still search for the editor picks and topmost collections which are not easily discoverable at the Play Store. Be it identifying the most popular of local applications pertaining to the native language or targeting the trending utilities, Mobo Market delivers a superlative performance.

Here is a fantastic alternative to the Google Play Store the Intelligent search option added along which gauges the search habits of the user and displays applications accordingly.

Other added options include certain phone management schemes including Optimizer, RAM Booster and the File Cleaner.

Now here comes an App Market which caters pretty holistically.

Palm OS

Here is one independent OS with lesser known applications but certainly pretty useful. This OS allows the third-party developers to experiment with the source code while the app installations might get a bit tricky at times.

Besides these newer operating systems are being coined with dedicated app stores coming up with each passing day.

The journey from Symbian to iOS has definitely been quite intriguing to say the least.

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