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App Review: Questions

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App Review: Questions

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A friend of mine contacted me from Silicon Valley. He is working on an old and yet new way to get answers from the interweb: humans.

We all know about Google, Naver Q&A and Yahoo! Q&A, but this is an experience you need to try.

I was busy and not very reactive to his requests to try it, but it’s interesting. The app is just a beginning, but has huge implications. The app is simply called “Questions“.

How It Works

  • Ask a question: You record a short video asking something, give it a one word name and wait for answers.
  • Answer a question: Choose a title or a thumbnail that caught your attention and record a short video of you answering it.
  • For example, I asked “What is the best month to visit California?” and someone answered within three hours.

photo 5

What I Like

  • The app is easy and very well adapted to a mobile experience. I can't imagine using this on a desktop.
  • It's nice to see the face of the people answering your question. You can extract more information from facial expression than any textual response.
  • Fast answers
  • Lots of questions to answer
  • Quality of answers may vary but you can ask questions you would not think of trying to fit into Google keywords.
photo 2

What Could Be Improved

  • Sometimes you don’t want to show your face, that’s one of the benefits of the Internet.
  • The level of the questions and the short time to answer makes it hard to see any profound answers or debates.
  • Even for factual questions, it’s always faster to type on a search engine.
  • The UX and design is not perfect at the moment (dark theme), making the experience more awkward than necessary.
  • There are not a lot of users at the moment and there's really no way to filter questions.

They are just starting out, but give it a try and tell me what you think.


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