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App Shout-Out: Metro Social, Track My Mileage, and Track My Rx

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App Shout-Out: Metro Social, Track My Mileage, and Track My Rx

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  I've got some great apps to share from local devs here in Mid-Atlantic:

Metro Social


From local developer Thomas Woo, of Three Screen Studios, developer of FoodGraphic, comes Metro Social, an unofficial Facebook client app for the Windows Store. Read your news feed, check out photos, and post, all from this fast and fluid social app!

Also note the effort that Thomas put into the web page for Metro Social...putting extra effort into marketing your app with a nice presence on the web is a definite best practice!

Track My Mileage


Track My Mileage is the first of a two-fer from local developer Adrian Gordon, who sent me a heads-up on his apps this week. Track My Mileage is a free app that does pretty much what the name suggests...provides the ability to log and track miles driven, with the ability to track multiple drivers, vehicles, mileage types, and more.

Track My Rx


Track My Rx, also from Adrian Gordon, helps track medications you or your family may use, and provides integration with the Search charm to easily find information you've already logged, as well as a journal to help you track any side effects or other information you might want to share with your health care professional regarding your medications.

Who's Next?

Would you like to be next? You can get links, videos, and more for free at App Builder. Sign up takes only a few seconds, and the resources can help make you the next app rockstar.

You can also join me for an upcoming Office Hours, where I can provide 1:1 technical advice on building your app and getting it into the Windows Store.

Drop me a note if you're working on a Windows 8 app and have questions or need advice.

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