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AppA Adds Drop-In Tools for iOS

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AppA Adds Drop-In Tools for iOS

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Here’s a new service called AppA that’s interesting … more for “they really think there’s a business here?” than its actual functionality we think, but judge for yourself:

AppA: Drop-In Tools For iOS Devs

Developed first and foremost to make life easier for iOS developers, AppA is a service that provides drop-in tools that offer useful features for iOS apps in mere minutes!

AppA allows you to:

  • Support your users with an in-app support form and knowledge base.
  • Cross-promote apps within other apps.
  • Display an attractive app ‘about screen’.

Simply drop the AppA library into your projects to gain the functionality above, so that you can focus on the core functionality of your apps…

Errrrm … ok, we suppose the knowledge base is mildly interesting, but really, wouldn’t most people have all of this on tap already? Particularly when you look at their intended business model,

… Aside from paid plan upgrades, AppA displays unobtrusive advertising banners and receives a small commission from Apple any time someone downloads a paid app linked to from within AppA. This helps to support continued development of the service…

Hey, I like my LinkedIn commissions. I’ll do my own cross-promotion and keep them for myself, thank you very much. And advertising banners to boot, unless you pay? Yeah, we’re having trouble seeing where the compelling value proposition here is, really, if you’ve like ever written an app before. But hey, perhaps we are missing some really good reason that this actually is completely awesome. If you can find it, let us know what that would be!

h/t: @cocoanetics!


Note in the comments, Dear Reader, that the AppA developer showed up to explain the thinking here, pointing out in particular that being server driven means you can update the content without resubmitting to Apple. Yes, that makes it more of a job to duplicate yourself. Still think we’d prefer to do that and keep our own commissions mind you; but hey, if you’re not signed up with LinkedIn, then there is a value proposition here worth considering at least no doubt.


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