AppDynamics Debuts New Microservices APM Solution

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AppDynamics Debuts New Microservices APM Solution

AppDynamics just got even better. Read about the powerful application performance management solution's recently debuted APM for microservices monitoring.

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AppDynamics just got even better. Recently, the powerful performance management solution announced a new APM for microservices. The growing trend in software development is a shift to microservices, and breaking down applications into multiple, and smaller sections. This increased patchwork of different pieces, combined with the speed at which applications are being developed, means that it’s necessary to offer comprehensive performance coverage.

The new APM is capable of performing a full end-to-end transaction trace within production environments. Addtionally, the microservices APM maintains a low overhead. It’s able to also beefy enough to deal with asynch, which often presents a challenge for APMs. Microservice architectures are by nature more complicated, with many more services than traditional applications. This means that transactions often proceed through hundreds of services.

Notably, a press release on the AppDynamics website notes that the advent of tech advancements such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices will create an upsurge in microservices. Think more connected cities and smart cars, and less smartwatches (sorry Apple Watch and Android Wear). Thus, it’s application performance management is essential for microservices.

Along with the debut of their new microservices APM offering, AppDynamics launched a commercial iteration which is touted as roughly the size of an app runtime. It’s big news in the performance management space. Check out the AppDynamics blog for more information. 

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