AppDynamics Releases Microservices IQ Monitoring Tool

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AppDynamics Releases Microservices IQ Monitoring Tool

As part of AppDynamics' Summer '16 release, the company has created a new way to monitor Microservices at scale. Read on for more details.

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On Aug. 1, AppDynamics announced their summer release of their App iQ intelligent monitoring platform, which includes user engagement and business transaction monitoring, as well as system diagnostics. Included in this release is a new product on App iQ: Microservices iQ, which is aimed at enterprises that are moving their existing applications to a microservices architecture and allows those teams to monitor the products of their digital transformation. 

I spoke with Matt Chotin, head of product marketing at AppDynamics, about the release and learned a few details about how Microservices iQ helps developers and sysadmins keep track of new architectures. There are three core elements of Microservices iQ:

Microservices Discovery

By using service endpoints, Microservices iQ can automatically discover and map new microservices. Because it automatically maps these new pieces of your architecture, they can also monitor isolated microservices and track their KPIs. Those KPIs are set by development teams who know what matters to them and can be adjusted as needed.

Elasticity Management

Microservices iQ is designed to be horizontally scalable, since microservices architectures typically have several copies of individual microservices that are coming and going depending on the needs of the application. As Matt Chotin put it, it's easier to use a less intelligent solution that tracks these individual pieces, but being able to corral that information together is ultimately more useful, so users can get a bigger picture of an application's health. 

One does not have to be a developer or sysadmin to get a clear picture of application health. The product is geared to be useful to stakeholders without technical backgrounds.

Thread Contention Analysis

User experience and usage is obviously incredibly important. If a user can't access the system, it can lead to a whole mess of problems for everyone involved. Users need consistent data from an app even as microservices are being spun up and down, and if you have a lot of users trying to access data, the likelihood of a thread contention increases. Microservices iQ can analyze what threads are blocking each other and causing application slowdowns, helping teams synchronize their data between microservices.

Moving Toward Microservices

Just like the push towards DevOps methodologies in the enterprise, microservices are becoming more and more of a reality for enterprises going through a digital transformation. With Microservices iQ, AppDynamics is anticipating a need for large teams to track their new architectures across every industry in an intuitive and easy-to-read way. 

More information on Microservices iQ can be found at this link

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