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AppDynamics Webinar: The Top 5 .NET Performance Metrics, Tips and Tricks

Tune in on Sept. 3, 2015 at 11 AM PT for a look at the top 5 .NET performance metrics, tips and tricks in an awesome AppDynamics webinar.

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On Thursday, Sept. 3 2015, AppDynamics has a webinar exploring the top 5 .NET performance metrics, tips, and tricks. The webinar will look at not only recording, but making sense of these performance metrics. Topics covered include:

  • Synchronization and Locking        

  • Excessive or unnecessary logging        

  • Code dependencies    

  • Underlying database issues        

  • Underlying infrastructure issues

Leading the webinar are AppDynamics .NET Product Manager Meera Viswanathan and Director of Product Marketing Anand Akela. Viswanathan will present monitoring tips and tricks, troubleshooting info, and talk about fixing .NET performance issues.

Sign up for the webinar here

Event details:

11:00 AM PT, Thursday Sept. 3, 2015


Meera Viswanathan, .NET Product Manager

Anand Akela, Director of Product Marketing

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