Apple iOS 9.3: Should You Upgrade?

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Apple iOS 9.3: Should You Upgrade?

iOS 9.3 is available, here is a brief review of the latest features Apple has in the latest iteration of their mobile OS.

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Apple has yet again taken the tech world by a storm with its brand new iOS 9.3. Since then, there have been numerous rounds of testing, and the product is finally ready for launch. Users can get the product for free from several locations. If you wish to download, you can either do it from your iOS device directly or from iTunes desktop software.

With this new piece of software upgrade, Apple surely succeeds in making a mark yet again. However, the question arises regarding its true value for Apple users. Is it worth upgrading? Are there any severe glitches? What are the crucial aspects to look for?

Finding appropriate answers to all these questions will help you take your decision. As of now, let us find out the latest features that Apple iOS 9.3 has to offer.

  • Night Shift Features   

According to profound medical studies, operating on your Smartphone just before going to bed might have severe negative impacts on your health. The blue light emitted by your Smartphone screen wrecks havoc on the circadian rhythm of your body.

Apple took note of this issue and decided to bake this feature directly into iOS 9.3, your iPads and iPhones. With this opt-in feature, you will have the liberty to set predefined hours for this mode to operate. You can also use the auto-detect feature for automatic detection by your phone.

  • Apple Education

Apple iOS 9.3 brings great news for education environments too. ‘Apple School Manager’ and ‘Classroom’ will help teachers control an entire mass during course compilation or lessons. With this new software update, iPads will now extend complete support to multi-user modes.

  • Health is Wealth

The company takes a giant leap towards ensuring good health for users, by allowing Apple Watch Activity application stats such as exercise minutes, stand hours, and move calories. The software will include all such information on its dashboard, alongside making fitness app suggestions.

  • Upgrading 3D Touch

Apple 9.3 also revolutionizes the 3D touch. With Quick Actions, you can now have quite a few handy apps such as Compass, Weather, App Store, Health, iTunes store and settings. These will be available with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi shortcuts.

  • Notes Security

The notes app is also getting revolutionized with the latest security feature. You will now have complete freedom to lock highly confidential notes with a specific passcode, and enjoy exclusive access to it.

The features on cards are hands down attractive and beneficial. However, it is imperative to note than Apple 9.3 is still without a jailbreak. It will be judicious to consider all the options before making the final move!

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