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Daily Dose: Apple iCloud to be Unveiled Alongside iOS 5

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Daily Dose: Apple iCloud to be Unveiled Alongside iOS 5

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In just 7 days, Apple will be revealing their jump into the cloud services market at their Worldwide Developers Conference. The new service, dubbed "iCloud", is expected to tie into the next iterations of their operating systems: iOS 5 and OS X Lion. There is no indication that an iPhone 5 will be announced, and iOS 5 and iCloud are expected to work with existing hardware.

There are no other official details on iCloud, and we will have to wait until June 6th to see what Steve Jobs reveals about the new service, but it could be both a renaming of their "MobileMe" service and the name for their much anticipated iTunes cloud-streaming service.  The official press release can be seen over at Engadget.

Linux Kernel Celebrates 20 Years with Simple Version Number

Instead of using a complicated numbering scheme such as "2.6.39" for the Linux kernel, Linus Torvalds has opted for something simpler: "3.0". Rather than having significant changes to the kernel for a major version jump like this, the new version simply represents the kernel's 20th birthday later this year. Aside from a few minor updates (driver tweaks, VFS cleanups, VM fixes, and "ARM consolidation"), Torvalds promises "absolutely nothing" will change.

More information on the Linux 3.0 announcement can be found on The Register, and the release candidate can be found here.

Heroku Update Adds Node.js Support

Heroku, the ruby-based PaaS, has released a new version of their service today. Some of the key new features, which rival CloudFoundry's language support, include:

  •     Real-time access to log files for running applications
  •     Visibility into state of applications, called "Releases"
  •     Node.js Support
  •     New process model for running background and heterogeneous processes.

More information about PaaS and Heroku will be discussed during the Structure 2011 conference next month in San Francisco. 

Federal Government is Choosing iOS Over Blackberry

Blackberry has long been thought of as the standard of business-centric communication devices. That is beginning to change, however, as the federal government has started to switch from Blackberry devices to iOS. The Washington Post calls this transition "federal government 2.0, where technology upgrades no longer come at a "Little House on the Prairie pace."  Although President Barack Obama still clings to his familiar BlackBerry, he was recently spotted carrying an iPad. 

More information on the U.S. government's new choice of devices can be found over at iCovering.


10 useful .htaccess snippets to have in your toolbox

Thank you to user jbj for today's top link, which gives great tips for controlling Apache webservers with .htaccess!


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