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Apple Pay Vs Google Wallet: Which One is Better for Mobile Payments?

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Apple Pay Vs Google Wallet: Which One is Better for Mobile Payments?

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Apple pay and Google wallet both of these are mobile payment platforms, allowing users to make payment form their smart devices. Basically both the systems are working with NFC Hardware and a wireless communication and a contact less payment terminal. It will allow users to make a payment from their respective mobile devices when they bring their phone near terminal, without using a credit or debit cards for making a transaction.

For making a transaction from both the platforms, users first needs to register their credit card information into the system. This information will be stored on the respective platform’s server. After performing this much of procedure, users will be requested to authenticate their selves before performing any financial transaction.

Both the payment platforms are having their unique authentication methods, Google requires users to enter their unique 4-Digits pin whereas Apple requires users to touch ID Feature. The further authentication process will be proceed by bank to authenticate the user’s identity and allowing or declining the transaction.

As Google Wallet has been around since very long, it has already received public approval and support, whereas Apple’s mobile payment system is quite new it will take some time to be accepted by the public. One of the reason behind an increased usage of Google Wallet is the available wide range of android devices, so many dealers are there offering sales terminals, supporting contact less payment system.

Supporting devices

At present, Google Wallet supports a wide range of android devices as all latest android devices are launched with the built in NFC hardware, where as Apple Pay only works on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Older versions of iPhones are not having the build in NFC hardware. Any android device with 4.4 KitKat or higher version of android supports mobile payment service.

Right now, the mobile payment service for both Android and iOS are available only at USA. As Google Wallet is available since 2012, its an obvious thing that it has expended its boundaries beyond the United States, where as Apple’s services are limited yet because of its recent launching. Google even started enabling gmail support for wallet facility out side of US and thus now users can send money using the peer-to-peer facility in the United Kingdom

From User’s point of view

Users are finding Apple Pay service a bit convenient as users needs to authenticate their identity using the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, users need not to unlock their phones. Whereas Google Wallet requires users to first unlock their devices and then entering of a 4-digit PIN for authentication of identity purpose. Thus users are finding an Apple Pay a more convenient and faster than Google Wallet.

The Setup

There are so many ways available to add credit and debit cards to Apple Pay, which all will be stored in the passbook. The easiest way is the use of credit or debit card already associated with the user’s iTunes account by entering the security code. User can also take a photo of a card or can enter the card information manually to add a new card.

Whereas to add a card to Google Wallet, user can either sign in to the website of Google Wallet using the setting menu from the mobile app or can even log in through the bank website. By following any of these ways, user can add a card to Google Wallet

From security purpose

A security is the most crucial part while talking about an online transaction. The transaction should be secured and reliable while making a payment via mobile. Both the Apple Pay and Google Wallet are granting trusted level of user security. In both the cases of different platforms, merchants are never going to get an access of customer credit card information. They will get one single-charge, one-time code to proceed the transaction.

As Apple uses touch ID authentication process for user authentication procedure, it could be considered more secured and reliable than Google’s Pin authentication feature. Since Apple stores the payment details on the user’s iPhone securely, Google maintains it within its own server in the cloud. Thus the information stored will not be accessible by merchants.

So Which one is better for Mobile Payments?

At last the confusion is which to be consider the best : An Apple Pay or Google Wallet? An answer to this question is not that easy. Both the platforms are having their respective strength and weaknesses. Google is scoring in terms of number or users whereas Apple is being more secured. Thus it totally depends on the users to choose the best for their selves among these two services.


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