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Advice for Apple Watch App Development

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Advice for Apple Watch App Development

The Apple Watch might just look like another smartwatch and a mere extension of the iPhone, however, the device opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the enterprise world. Read on to hear some basic advice for Apple Watch app development.

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There is a frenzy to jump on the Apple Watch bandwagon. Everyone wants to take advantage of Apple’s latest and most personalized wearable device.  The key is to gain the first-mover advantage, stay ahead of the competition and send signs to your prospective users that you are an innovator. It is not surprising that several companies have taken a plunge into the Apple Watch bandwagon, with apps for the smartwatch being released daily.

The Apple Watch might just look like another smartwatch and a mere extension of the iPhone, however, the device opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the enterprise world. It provides another avenue for businesses to reach out to customers in highly competitive industries such as ecommerce.

As smartphone screens get bigger and bigger, the Apple Watch is defying assumptions. Don’t get fooled by the tiny screen, because the Apple Watch epitomizes power and integration.

Taking a Plunge Into the Apple Watch App

Do you have an idea for a revolutionary Apple Watch app? It is important that you don’t get carried away with your thoughts, but rather think in a strategic manner. You need to categorize your app before moving to the next level of the development process. This step will keep you focused on your app’s purpose or usage.  To develop for the Apple Watch, you’ll need to download the Apple Watch Kit to configure apps for the new device.

Productivity Tools

These apps aspire to make a user’s life easier with a whole host of tools such as alarms, calendars, progress trackers, and finance apps that help you stay ahead of things. Considering the limited screen space, it’s imperative to create a neat user interface that reads and interprets complex data properly.

Social Media

The entire world is now going social. Leverage the Apple Watch to create apps that makes texting and calling easier. Social networking apps are typically replacing traditional communication tools and in some cases refining existing tools.

Health and Fitness Apps

This category defined Wearables both in the Google PlayStore and iTunes, and is one of the fastest growing categories. Many developers are creating apps for health freaks which utilize robust technology such as bio-sensory capabilities to chart the most accurate information and act as the ultimate excercise companions.


Creating gaming apps for Apple Watch will require a great deal of expertise, precision, and resources as everything needs to adapt to a human touch on a relatively small screen.

Keep in Mind: Apple Watch is Not an iPhone or iPad

Always remember, Apple Watch is not a miniature version of iPhone or iPad. It comes with the smallest real estate when compared to any other smart device. You need to consider the dynamics of the small screen during Apple Watch app development.

While developing Apple Watch apps, rise above the clutter and unnecessary information. Stay away from unnecessary alerts and messages that might distract users and try to simplify the user's experience. Keep notifications short and concise for a greater impact. Apple Watch is available in different sizes and bands, and, as a result, it makes sense to offer app themes that match with available bands.

If your app is overly complex and performance intensive, it is likely to be lost in oblivion in the Apple Watch App Store. Apps on the Apple Watch are specifically designed for lightweight interactions to leverage the limited screen real estate and display size, while utilizing the watch’s strategic position on the wrist.

Smartwatches in Enterprise

Apple Watch is not just a gadget that shows accurate time or lets you quickly check emails. There is something in it for the enterprise across diverse industry domains. One of these areas is health, which supports fitness and healthcare applications for users.  For instance, an Apple Watch app can help patients monitor side effects of health treatment or report symptoms.The wearable technology is undergoing a rapid evolution, creating connected devices that will help manage lives, health, and safety. As the Internet of Things transforms the digital world, everything depends on how wearable technology, especially smartwatches, will provide contextual information and become more intelligent.


Don’t forget app marketing is one of the most important element to improve bottom-line results and scale to new heights of success. You need to follow all mediums such as setting up a micro website and publicizing categories and tags for the Apple Watch. Use a combination of free and paid resources to gain maximum advantage and include visual assets such as photos and screenshots of your app.  Don’t make your customers guess what your app is about and be sure to advertise all of the features and hardware specialities that your app takes advantage. Remember, iteration is the best way forward.

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