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Application Delivery Management Solving SDLC Bottlenecks

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Application Delivery Management Solving SDLC Bottlenecks

Automation and insight into release, test environment, and test management solutions are necessary to mitigate risk in software development.

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Thanks to Bob Davis, CMO and Simon King, V.P. of Product at Plutora for sharing how they are helping customers like eBay, Verizon, and Dell to improve release management practices that can cause serious and costly bottlenecks in software development and release cycles.

As enterprise IT accelerates application delivery to become more agile and competitive, software delivery management is losing the battle for efficient, high-quality software releases. Teams experience diminished productivity due to greater demands and lack of communication throughout the organization.

Plutora helps DevOps have visibility across the portfolio of tools to ensure predictable, high quality, automated enterprise software delivery through one common repository across the entire release portfolio. Effectively bridging the gaps and negating blockages, This results in a decrease in software delivery delays or glitches through a single streamlined approach.

“We see organizations increasingly seeking an end to end approach to DevOps beyond narrow visibility into a portion of the deployment lifecycle,” said Melinda Ballou, Research Director for IDC’s Agile ALM, Quality and Portfolio Strategies Service. “From inception through to quality, Continuous Integration and software release, management across the pipeline is key.”

The enterprise platform gives teams everything they need to manage the planning, tracking and deployment of IT releases, test environments, and deployment plans, including best in class test management capabilities.

Over the course of six months, an American wireless telecommunications leader more than doubled the rate of application release and now delivers 24 releases each year. Test environment managers handled more than double the number of changes and bookings while reducing the number of environments needed through better management.

“There’s no way my team could have managed the rapid increase in release velocity without a solution to manage it all,” stated the senior IT manager. By using Plutora, the business had complete visibility of the end-to-end process, improved efficiency, and collaboration resulting in superior releases.

“Plutora gives teams the ability to effectively communicate together and streamline release management activities from one central place,” said Dalibor Siroky, co-CEO and co-founder of Plutora. “Paving the way to massive savings and increased success for companies. 71 percent of IT projects are expected to fail or be severely challenged, putting $600 billion dollars’ worth of enterprise software development at risk. The status quo is no longer a viable strategy. CIOs today realize how critical digital transformation is for their bottom line. We are constantly evolving our product to ensure we meet the expanding needs that enterprise IT demands.”

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