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Applying continuous learning using an online platform

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Applying continuous learning using an online platform

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Life is a continuum; it stops for no one and under no circumstances. In many aspects so does our work in any form it may take.  This understanding had been the source of much criticism towards corporate training that forces us to stop and learn according to its agenda and plan. Charles Jennings states that some fundamental reasons for focusing on Informal & Social Learning are driven from this noting:

- In an information rich word we all need to be continual learners.

- In an ever changing world, continuous learning is the only sustainable advantage (jay cross, 2010).

- Natural learning happens as a process not s series of events.

As a training and e-learning manager I couldn’t agree more. But as many of you may know or have experienced, applying informal learning in the organization is not an easy task.  In fact an interesting oxymoron exists here in the fact that whenever we approach an informal process or event our very intervention makes it formal.

In recent years technology comes to the aid with new and innovative solutions which captures the essence of informal and collaborative learning while allowing us to provide and manage the platform alone. Informal interactions, continues learning and communities of practice take their own natural form within while we can supervise, motivate and learn from the group without being and actual part of it or its actions.

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