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April Performance Roundup: If Ya Don't Know, Now Ya Know

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April Performance Roundup: If Ya Don't Know, Now Ya Know

Everyone started out from somewhere, and now that we're here, it's time to pass on some knowledge to any new performance devs in this month's roundup.

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What's going on, ladies and gentledevs? This week, we're taking everyone to school with a couple lessons from our expert developing contributors/contributing developers, and what better way to start than with some introductory material? Here we've compiled the best starter articles from the past month to show any of you up-and-comers just how we do things in the Performance Zone.

Let's start by taking a look at some of our contributors who have already proven to be masters of their crafts.

What's Poppin'?

  1. Shared Memory Problems [Comic] by Daniel Stori — Our most famous site cartoonist visually riffs on the sometimes hilarious, sometimes precarious, phenomenon of shared memory.

  2. Ruby Concurrency Book [Comic] by Daniel Stori — You guys love your comics, doncha? Well, if you choose to use Ruby, Daniel has just the thing.

  3. Functional API Testing — How to Do It Right by Stephen Feloney — Dive even deeper into your testing by doing it at the API level instead of the GUI level. 

  4. Monitoring Microservices with Spring Cloud Sleuth, Elastic Stack, and Zipkin by Piotr Mińkowski — Dealing with microservices can be a major headache. But for the Quality Engineer in you, we've got you covered.

  5. Developing with Performance in Mind by Jennifer Marsh — Testing, testing, testing—is it stuck in your head yet? Great! That means you'll remember it during your next project. 

New to the Streets

Error Handling in Go that Every Beginner Should Know by Hussachai Puripunpinyo

For anyone new to the Golang game, check this rundown of how to handle some of the most common errors you might encounter using the multiple value return value and the panic methods. 

Garbage Collection: A Brief Introduction by Umang Kesari

Garbage in the real and digital world both stink, take up space unnecessarily, and are a pain to get rid of, as this article illustrates. However, unlike handling the plastic bag of expiring untouchables in your backyard, digital garbage collection can be easier, and even automatic.

A Short History of Performance Engineering by Alexander Podelko

Before you get too deep into your developing, take a seat and learn some history, young buck. We'll school you on how we got to this point in distributed systems, cloud, web and mobile apps. If you read it all the way through, we might even give you a look into our crystal ball.

The 6 Most Common Performance Testing Mistakes, and How to Fix Them by Jason Rizio

You're sure to make some mistakes along the way, and if you've been programming for a while, you've likely already made some of the mistakes on this list. Now that you've made them, take a couple lessons from this article and work 'em out. 

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