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ArangoDB 2.2.0 Beta Released

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ArangoDB 2.2.0 Beta Released

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The ArangoDB 2.2.0 beta has been released! We covered ArangoDB a while back, and the NoSQL database has been steadily improving since then. According to Frank Celler's release announcement, this most recent release covers a wide variety of bug fixes and changes, but focuses on three major items:

  • An improved graph module
  • Modifications to AQL (ArangoDB's query language)
  • A true write-a-head log

Celler gives an overview of each of these changes, and he seems pretty enthusiastic about it:

The new graph module is directly visible and intended to be used by you. Graphs are much more flexible now. You can easily use more than one vertex collection to group your vertex documents into “classes”. For example, for a bipartite graph, use two vertex collections – one for each part. You can even group your edges . . . [or] consider a street map, where the junctions are vertices, the edges are street segments between junctions. Now put another graph on top, to model streets as segments – again more information is coming its way.

Keep in mind, though, that this is a beta release; Celler warns that you should not use this in production, and there are a number of known issues, which he details.

That said, the improvements look interesting. If you want to get involved in the beta, you can download it here, and check out Celler's full announcement for more details.

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