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A few weeks ago I discussed the Architexa tool which provides rich, interactive graphical views of your code. I tried it out in a preview beta and was quite impressed. From today, it's available to all in a general release, with a special discount for JavaLobby readers.

The team have decided to give early adopters a significant discount. So users who signup within the month will get a 50% discount on the product. Even better, the first 100 JavaLobby readers that sign up get a 60% discount, by signing up from this address.
Speaking on the preview period and the teams plans for the future, Vineet Sinha had this to say:

As a startup letting people into the site has been useful. It has been great to hear from users as to what they have found to be challenging while working on their own codebases, and we have been really happy that what we are building aligns with their needs.  To put it simply, our users had most difficulties in effectively getting up to speed with codebases, documenting the code concepts, discussing them with coworkers, and improving the qualityof their codebase - and they felt through their initial feedback that the tool met those needs. Our next goals are going to be to make sure that they have a great experience using the suite on a day-to-day basis and don't hit any roadblocks when working with it.

Most of  the improvements following the beta cycle have been in improving the user experience for first time users, and ironing out some bugs  Cheat sheets have also been added to pop up when users register the software to provide them with a step-by-step walk through of the main features of the product, so that they can feel the power of Architexa on their own codebase.


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