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Architexa 2.0 - A Different Take on UML

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Architexa 2.0 - A Different Take on UML

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Architexa, a useful tool suite for generating UML diagrams, is entering version 2.0 this week.  The 2.0 version has boosted performance, collaboration, and is overall usefulness for code reviewers.  The Architexa project was founded by a small team of developers who refined their approach to code as part of one member's PhD dissertation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  Here's a quick look at the new features:

Easy Collaboration 
Share diagrams with multiple users via email.

Team server
Development teams now have the option of using an in-house server for storing diagrams.

Code Review

Architexa provides source repository integration(SVN/ CVS) to easily review code and UML diagrams in these version control systems.

Improved Performance
Users can now filter which projects and packages they'd like to build and they can also schedule builds.  The build process has also increased performance by 30-50%

Architexa Founder Vineet Sinha shared a few thoughts with DZone before the release of the 2.0 suite.  "Instead of focusing on the typical design and code generation tasks we are focusing on helping developers understand and document code - while this is a different direction it is one that most developers will say that they want to use UML for," said Sinha.

Architexa helps developers quickly understand code by creating UML diagrams dynamically as you build your application.  This saves tons of time during code review and project documentation.  The improved indexing performance is a big help for larger projects. 

Check out the "Getting Started with UML" DZone Refcard for more info on UML.

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