Are crowdfunded breast implants a step too far?

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Are crowdfunded breast implants a step too far?

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Last month I wrote about an Australian site that was aiming to crowdfund medical procedures for users of the site.  As a concept I didn’t think it fitted the crowdfunding model, and was more akin to the kind of individual fundraising you’d find on a JustGiving page.

Alas, a new site has taken things even further in the wrong direction.  My Free Implants is, as the name suggests, a crowdfunding site whereby women can solicit the crowd to help them fund a breast enlargement operation.

Each lady has a profile that is not dissimilar to any you’d find on your average dating site.  It will have photos, name, a bit about them and so on.  She can also provide readers/donors with status updates and various other communications.

When the ladies funding target has been reached, the money is sent to an escrow account, known tackily as the Boob Bank (ugh), whereby it is then directed to a site approved plastic surgeon who will perform the operation.  Should the op go well, the photos are then added to the ‘hall of fame’.

The site apparently has had over 1,000 successful implants delivered, which at $5,500 a pop is no small amount.  Where things get particularly seedy is how that kind of money is raised.

Donors on the site can message each lady for $1 a pop.  Suffice to say, if a lady wishes to speed up the process they can do various other things to bring in more money.  Yeah, you get the idea.

Suffice to say, authorities in this area are far from impressed by the site.

“It turns a surgical procedure into a contest, and that is not something we think is appropriate,” said John Canady, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Given the inherent risks involved with breast augmentation in the first place, coupled with the seedy way finance for the operation is secured and the whole thing stinks.

With the crowdfunding model seemingly creeping into ever further reaches of life, hopefully before long there will be a weeding out process where the better sites survive, and the more turgid affairs such as My Free Implants fall by the wayside.

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