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Are we witnessing the launch of the University of Everywhere?

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Are we witnessing the launch of the University of Everywhere?

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The last few years have seen some major attempts to change how we learn.  The shift has largely been heralded by the apparent crisis in western tertiary education, with costs rising astronomically, thus plunging students into debt that is believed to exceed a trillion dollars.

These students are then graduating into a very harsh work environment, with incredibly high youth unemployment, and sky high property prices rendering owning a home a distant dream for many.

What’s more, numerous studies have bemoaned the lack of job ready skills being given to university students during their time at college.

We’ve seen the rise of MOOC platforms over the past few years, but Kevin Carey, director of New America, believes things need to go much further still.  He believes we need to create a new landscape that will provide opportunities for students, wherever they may reside.

He chronicles his thesis in his new book The End of College: Creating the Future of Learning and the University of Everywhere, explores the digital learning ecosystem that he believes is gradually superseding the traditional university network.

In the video below, Carey talks with Audrey Watters about his thesis, and what he believes will emerge in the education landscape over the coming years.  It’s well worth a watch if you have an interest in this topic.

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