Are you a DAM expert or not?

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Are you a DAM expert or not?

The understanding, planning, and integration of DAM to other systems via plug-ins, connectors, and APIs drive value & benefit for the organization across teams.

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There is no doubt that there has been and continues to be an explosion in the number of workflow permutations for the creation, variation, storage, discovery, control, and dissemination of all kinds of content. Audiovisual content is by almost any measure premium content: 

  • Creation takes a lot of planning, collaboration, and control. 

  • Initial, intermediate, and finished files form millions of bytes to store and retrieve. 

  • Potential for audience impact is sky high. 

  • Consumption across all devices by billions of people seems to have no limit. 

While the ease (and affordability) of content production may be lower than ever, its sheer volume creates a significant cost center to manage, distribute, and archive. Organizations seek efficient control of their audiovisual content (from here on referred to as digital assets) as proprietary information so they can capitalize on them directly through marketing and sales and indirectly by increasing their value and vitality in the ecosystem.  

"All too often, organizations have a limited perspective of DAM’s role in this ecosystem, viewing it as the storehouse and repository. But now their tech stack is built with distribution in mind, with investment prioritized in edge systems that touch on getting content out to market."

Andrew Fingerman, CEO, Photoshelter/Librisi 

Digital Asset Management (DAM) technology platforms organize content and make it accessible to DAM users. Organizations are both attracted to the value of centralized digital assets and careful about the resources available for DAM implementation and management. The understanding, planning, and integration of DAM to other systems via plug-ins, connectors, and APIs drive value and benefit for the organization.

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