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Java Based Startups - We Want To Hear From You

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Right now everyone is infatuated with the startup culture that surrounds our industry. Whether it's Draw Something being bought out for $200 million, or Facebook buying Instagram for $1 billion, there's always something new going on. What we don't see so much is the technology behind the startup. That's where this interview series comes in. 

If you're a startup who uses Java, or a JVM based language, at the centre of your technology stack, then I'd like to talk to you. You might have the latest social network concept, or a fantastic mobile app - once Java has anything to do with your product, I'm interested. Once we've caught up, we'll publish the interview, here on DZone, as part of our startup interview series.  You won't need to give away any of the company secrets - we'd just like to see how relevant Java is in the startup scene. 

So, if your company is interested, you can drop me a mail to james@dzone.com, or leave a message for me here. I'd be happy to talk to you! 

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