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Are You Meeting Your Users’ High Expectations?

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Are You Meeting Your Users’ High Expectations?

An overview of five common user profiles that you should aim to satisfy in your mobile apps.

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Perfecto's new first-of-its-kind solution, called Wind Tunnel™, puts real user conditions smack dab in the middle of your application testing through user profiles. 

For example, a hotel app may target a "corporate road warrior" who flies weekly for work, using on-board Wi-Fi and then going on cellular. She's quickly changing cellular connections, has many social and productivity apps running in the background and is frequently interrupted with emails, calls and texts. In short, she's a busy power-user who depends on her mobile devices for just about everything. 

User profiles like this in Wind Tunnel™ contain test conditions for critical issues that must be accounted for to deliver a great digital experience, such as low battery, changes to location or network quality, response during peak usage times and resource conflicts with background apps. 

Perfecto will offer a number of preset user profiles to choose from, and will also offer the ability to customize user profiles to your needs. 

Check out our infographic below featuring a "corporate road warrior" named Georgia, and four other user profiles that are preset in Perfecto's Wind Tunnel™.ProfilesInfogFinalWeb

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