Sick of Coding With Android Studio? Xamarin Is an Easy and Effective Way to Make Apps

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Sick of Coding With Android Studio? Xamarin Is an Easy and Effective Way to Make Apps

Learn about Xamarin, a set of tools for developing cross-platform apps for both iOS and Android platforms using .NET libraries.

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The increasing trend of native cross-platform app development has brought Xamarin app development into the limelight as it paves a smooth path for C# developers to craft engaging and multi-featured cross-platform apps. Xamarin is convenient for both Android and iOS apps developers, as you can use .Net libraries while drafting an app on either platform.

Xamarin — A Futuristic Technology for App Development

When it comes to technology advancements, you hardly get a chance to breathe. As soon as one technology reaches its optimum stage, another crop up with more feathers allowing you to opt for more add-ons. Xamarin is one such futuristic technology platform which has pocketed a whopping figure of $54 million as an investment in the recent past. With the launch of Xamarin 2, it has almost made a flawless path of the cross-platform development. The platform today is a word of every mouth especially because of their tying a knot of business with the big bros like IBM, Xoriant, and Microsoft.

What makes Xamarin the futuristic platform for app development is its new version allowing the developers to craft an app with new layout and styling power.

The new version of Xamarin offers the following add-ons in an app:

  • You can make a feature-rich app with add-ons like Visual State Manager, Flex Layout, Style Sheets, and Right-to-Left support.
  • The new Xamarin is backed by the same IntelliSense engine of WPF and UWP which facilitate your app with improved matching, binding completion, resource completion and markup extension completion.
  • The engine also enhanced light bulb suggestions, code navigation, and linting.
  • You will get an Improved Android SDK Management with least guesswork out of it. For example, when you initiate an Android Project which compiles against an uninstalled SDK, a pop notice will assist you to download the SDK in the background.
  • You can have now updated Android project templates ready to use.
  • The new version of Xamarin has much more to offer in terms of benefits like Smaller Applications, Faster Application Startup, and Reduced Memory Usage.

Advantages of Xamarin

No Separate Coding Is Required

Xamarin is an open source platform and an app is drafted in C# with .NET framework libraries. Moreover, 90% of the code is the same be it for Android or iOS platform. Hence, it is highly cost-effective in terms of time and resources to be employed.

Ease of Mobile App Testing

This is one of the best advantages that Xamarin is attributed to. You no longer require any mobile device for the automation testing as Xamarin provides Xamarin mobile device test cloud and automation framework. With this facility, any app can be tested on any version of mobile devices with iOS or Android platforms. Hence, the testing on thousands of mobile devices can be possible and simultaneously needed improvements can also be implemented.


You are offered two options to develop an application on Xamarin: Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. When you wish to develop an app for the Android platform, you are required to use the Xamarin.FORMS. With Xamarin.FORMS, it would be easier as well as faster to create applications with less platform specific functionality.

In other words, you can craft an application in which certain elements of the UI made with the Xamarin.FORMS and the other parts using the native UI toolkit.

Complete Access to the API

The limitation of the system update is almost eliminated by Xamarin. You can integrate the same functionality of the native app with the add-ons and specific APIs. Therefore, the common functionality for both Android and iOS platform can be possible. Moreover, the native libraries can also be linked with Xamarin and hence a well-customized app can be developed with ease.

Xamarin Gives the Feel of a Native App

Whichever the platform you think of, Xamarin is capable enough to give the same feel of a native app be it iOS or Android. In other words, when an app is developed using Xamarin, it gives the same user experience as if it had been built using Swift, Objective-C or Java.

A Comparative Analysis of Xamarin and Native Android Development

While opting for Xamarin in place of native Android for an app development, the following criterion should be considered.

Advanced Alternative While Drafting Apps in C#

Java is the standard language used by most developers or NDK and some prefer C and C++ as well. But finally, no more additional gains can be achieved with it.

On the other hand, Xamarin seems to be more comfortable when the app is to be drafted in C#. Because, with C#, you can access to more stubborn tools and can integrate almost everything that you could use Java.

Better UI

When you develop your app using Android SDK, you are sure to get all the benefits attributed to the native UI. Hence, it might seem to opt for native Android app development.

However, Xamarin offers user interface design for Visual Studio as well as Xamarin Studio which is backed by the smart design tools for both Android and iOS. Your Android app will have the same feel, look and UX as it had been built on a native Android platform. The best advantage will be in terms of the Time and Resources to be employed.

Latest API Updates

One thing is for sure that when your app is developed on Android SDK, you are sure to get all the latest API updates from Google.

In case of Xamarin, you can also have immediate access to all the latest API updates introduced by Google be it Android Wear API or form factors. Moreover, you get the best technical assistance by Xamarin for your every minute query in respect of any Android API or its resource page.

Wrapping Up

Xamarin is the best choice especially when you are planning to develop a multi-platform mobile application. Xamarin is highly cost-effective in terms of time, maintenance as well as the resources. And this too without compromising an inch in terms of quality and performance of the application.

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