Are You Taking the Right Approach to Cloud Databases?

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Are You Taking the Right Approach to Cloud Databases?

An introduction to DZone's 2020 Cloud Database Trend Report

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Trends in cloud data storage continue to accelerate at a rapid pace. Now more than ever, organizations must evaluate their current and future data storage needs to find solutions that align with business goals. While cloud databases are relatively new to the scene, they show tremendous prospect in securing and managing data.

In selecting our topic for this Trend Report, we found the amount of promise and advancement in the space to be unparalleled. This Report highlights DZone’s original research on cloud databases and contributions from the community, as well as introduces new offerings within DZone Trend Reports.

While you may know her as your friendly Java Zone copy editor, Lindsay Smith has stepped into the role of DZone’s Publications Content Manager. Among many new endeavors, she’s spearheading our new strategy for Executive Insights — a series we’ve titled, “Leaders in Tech,” which serves to complement our original research. The series focuses on the viewpoints of industry frontrunners, tech evangelists, and DZone members who share their insights into research findings and outlooks for the future.

Through the lenses of diverse experiences and skillsets, we hope “Leaders in Tech” helps our readers expand their perspectives — and even embark on new journeys toward what’s yet to be discovered.

Lindsay spoke with Adam Ballai, CEO of RevOps, to discuss cloud databases, and he imparted some key insight into the number one thing engineers need to know about cloud DBMSs: the use case. Adam also touched on a profound topic from our research, cost, which is reportedly a leading challenge in moving to a cloud database solution. Other challenges noted by DZone developers include data privacy compliance and data security. These concerns are explored further by Microsoft Data Platform MVP Grant Fritchey and Technical Evangelist Dave Bermingham.

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In “Data Safety in Cloud-Based Databases,” Grant gives us the low-down on issues including data breaches and cloud security. He opens by acknowledging the widespread skepticism of online data stores, and then explains why and how cloud database providers aren’t a way to go but the way to go for maximum data safety today. Dave brings us full circle in “Ensuring SQL Server High Availability in the Cloud,” throughout which he addresses high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) solutions in mission critical SQL Server deployments, plus murmurs of a new cloud storage trend: emerging support for high-performance cloud file shares.

Read the Trend Report for a first look at the state of cloud DBMSs, reasons why organizations are adopting cloud databases, and both the benefits and challenges of database migration for engineering teams across enterprises.

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