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Are Your Data Processes Ready for Spring Cleaning?

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Are Your Data Processes Ready for Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning means cleaning up your integration and data management, too. Find a platform that can clean up your processes not only in Spring, but all year round.

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With winter finally over (for most of us, anyway), millions are flinging windows open to let in the fresh air. They’re dusting furniture, vacuuming rugs, mopping floors, and laundering curtains. They are removing items from cabinets and closets to thoroughly clean those seldom-seen spaces. In other words, it’s spring cleaning time.

Spring cleaning is a tradition throughout the world that has religious, cultural and possibly even biological origins. As the days get longer, we instinctively know it’s time to stop “hibernating” and get our homes back in order. But does a similar instinct signal when it’s time to give our business processes a thorough cleaning?

If not, maybe it’s time to seize the initiative anyway. Just as the dust settles in a household, appliances gather rust, and stair treads require periodic maintenance, the processes a company uses to integrate and manage data need upkeep. And because data is the lifeblood of innovation, your team likely spends a great deal of time on that maintenance.

Data cleanup is vital and important work that must be done continuously. Letting noise interfere with data can lead to consequences more dire than ignoring cobwebs at home. But if the constant data cleanup required at your company keeps your highly skilled data and IT experts from handling more strategic tasks, that’s a problem too.

Since your integration and data management needs go beyond spring cleaning, consider a cloud-based solution like the Liaison ALLOYTM Platform and expert services to free up your technology team. ALLOY provides a way to transcend legacy integration software constraints and address integration and data management challenges in a whole new way.

Many companies that drive innovation through insights have settled for iPaaS solutions that leave their IT and data teams burdened with constant development projects and cleanup initiatives as new applications and sources of information come online and business needs evolve.

Liaison solves this problem with a new approach, delivering a groundbreaking, unified integration and data management platform in the cloud plus comprehensive services and expertise that allow in-house talent to focus on innovation:

  • Managed services that handle the complexity of integrating apps, systems, data and processes on your behalf to ensure seamless collaboration and information sharing with internal and external partners.

  • Consulting services to help companies develop strategy and execute business process integration, business process management, master data management and vendor platform-specific integrations.

  • Professional services to continuously optimize the enterprise’s data integration and management strategy and processes.

  • Advanced technology to handle data mapping with Contivo, a design-time semantic integration technology that relieves IT teams of having to take on the time-consuming, error-prone data-mapping process themselves by providing a centralized, semantic metadata repository that eliminates silos and ensures clean, quality data.

ALLOY was the first solution on the market to govern all aspects of an enterprise’s data lifecycle, from storage to security to quality assurance and beyond. The platform’s data management capabilities, combined with the expertise of the Liaison team, solve classic master data management challenges while also ensuring timely, secure access to clean, quality data — regardless of source and format.

So, if you’re ready to scour your data and clean up business processes, consider bringing in the resources and cloud-based platform that can do a thorough job — not just at spring time, but all year long. Put ALLOY to work for your company, and give bandwidth back to your data and IT professionals by letting Liaison’s team spruce up your data integration and data management processes. With your in-house crew focused on driving innovation full time, you’re likely to clean up in more ways than one.

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