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Area Man Very Concerned ‘Black Mirror’ Is Real

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Area Man Very Concerned ‘Black Mirror’ Is Real

Boston Dynamics makes the most terrifying robots in the world.

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Kansas City, MO – Perusing his Facebook feed early Wednesday as he got ready to leave for work, area man Steven Cummings, 34, reportedly came across a video that shook him to his core. In it, shown above, 10 robotic dogs can be seen dragging a semi truck to what Cummings apparently believed was its imminent demise.

“Didn’t these same robots do this exact thing to some poor woman on the show Black Mirror?” said Cummings, a look of confused horror replacing his generally stoic demeaner. “I’m pretty sure it’s just a popular series on Netflix, but then I see things like this, and I just don’t know anymore.”

Cummings went on to say that perhaps he should start spending more time offline. “I’ve been meaning to get that old garden cleaned up,” he told reporters. “Yeah, seems like a smart move. It's unhealthy to think about unpleasant things too much.”

At press time, witnesses confirmed seeing a frazzled Cummings muttering something to himself about a government conspiracy to use social media to control our behavior and frantically checking his temple for some sort of device.

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