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ARKit and Kaboodle

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ARKit and Kaboodle

At WWDC, Apple introduced ARKit augmented reality tools for iPhone and iPad. These links will help you keep up with ARKit news.

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The other obviously transformational technology introduced at WWDC this year was Apple’s sudden leap from "One thing is clear: Apple needs to get moving soon," to, a mere 5 days later — how’s that for “soon?” — "If Apple gets this right, they will own the hardware market for years to come." And, what we’re sure must be by far the quickest ever adoption of an Apple-only technology outside the computer industry: Ikea’s plans for ARKit revealed, virtual shopping tool will launch in fall with iOS 11.

So let’s start collecting links on that, shall we?

Introducing ARKit

With ARKit, iPhone and iPad can analyze the scene presented by the camera view and find horizontal planes in the room. ARKit can detect horizontal planes like tables and floors, and can track and place objects on smaller feature points as well. ARKit also makes use of the camera sensor to estimate the total amount of light available in a scene and applies the correct amount of lighting to virtual objects…

… Yeah, okay, that’s pretty cool.

Signup is already open for ARKit Weekly to keep abreast of news here, and the same obviously extra-keen folk have also started Made With ARKit, "hand-picked curation of the coolest stuff made with #ARKit."

That’s some pretty darn nifty videos there for, like, two weeks at this!

To grab some source code examples and interesting commentary, check out Apple ARKit by Example:

  1. Getting setup, draw a cube in virtual reality.
  2. Plane Detection and Visualization.
  3. Adding geometry and physics fun.
  4. Physically Based Rendering.

Pretty cool huh? It’s like the future’s so bright we have to wear shades…except that the whole point of Apple AR (so far…) is that we don’t!

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