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ARM mbed: An OS, Server, and Tools to Connect Everything

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On Wednesday, ARM announced mbed, a new Internet of Things platform centered on ARM's free mbed OS and Cortex M7 processor. In particular, ARM points to three aspects of the mbed project: mbed OS, mbed Device Server, and mbed Tools. They are described as:

mbed OS

. . . a modern full-stack operating system that is designed specifically for ARM Cortex®-M-based MCUs . . .

mbed Device Server

. . . scaleable, industry-strength Device Server supports the protocols, behaviours and security requirements of IoT devices, making them accessible through REST APIs to enterprise software, web applications and cloud stacks. 

mbed Tools

. . . free command-line build, component management and test tools you can rely on, and a Web IDE and developer web services that help bootstap your development with the accessibility and productivity you've come to expect in other domains.

And ARM has also produced a rather watchable (though not necessarily illuminating) video introducing mbed:

Coming right alongside the Eclipse Foundation's Open IoT Stack for Java, the mbed project looks like another step toward a more unified and practical Internet of Things. Larry Dignan at ZDNet says:

What ARM's effort highlights is the lack of standards or agreement on some basic requirements to make the Internet of things — and the business model that goes with it — real.

Check out ARM's mbed home page for all the details.

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