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Artifactory Maven Repository Manager 2.1

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Artifactory Maven Repository Manager 2.1

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JFrog is pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 2.1.

Artifactory is an advanced Maven repository manager that offers powerful enterprise features behind an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface.

In this third major release Artifactory offers many new features and improvements plus an  Add-ons Power Pack, which is a set of paid-for add-ons bundled on top of the open-source version.

Among the new features offered by Artifactory 2.1:
  • Advanced searches support: class search (includes seeing the actual classes found), GAVC search, and POM/XPath searches (e.g. you can search for all POMs with a specific license).
  • XML-based, searchable metadata that can be attached to any file or folder during deployment time or via REST API (e.g. Maven can auto-attach the build/source revision number to deployed artifacts; then you can locate artifacts based on this metadata).
  • Eager, parallel downloads of jars (when poms are requested) and sources (when jars are requested).
  • Move artifacts or folders between repositories via the UI (includes auto metadata recalculation).
  • POM editing from the deployment UI.
  • Enhanced security management: you can now define permissions that apply across multiple repositories.
  • Improved concurrency control.
  • Enhancements to mesh deployment controls.
  • Built-in support for more storage types (MySQL, postgreSQL, Oracle, and file-system).
  • Detailed online help for nearly every UI feature.
  • Updated user guide.

The new Artifactory Add-ons Power Pack offers the following add-ons on top of Artifactory:
  • Smart Searches: search and aggregate artifacts, obtained from multiple search results, that can be promoted or manipulated together in one go.
  • Properties: define sets of custom, structured properties in the UI and use them (via the UI or REST API) to tag artifacts and folders and to query them through a special property-search UI.
  • Watches: watch selected repository items for events (add, delete, or modify), and receive focused email notifications on changes that are interesting to you and that you are allowed to see.
  • WebStart & Jar Signing: have requested artifacts and their dependencies automatically signed upon request. Use JFrog's OSS JavaFX Maven plug-in to deploy your Maven projects as fully modular WebStart/JavaFX applications with reusable, auto-signed dependencies.
  • Single Sing-on: reuse existing, HTTP-based, enterprise SSO integrations such as the powerful authentication schemes provided by the Apache HTTP server (mod_auth_ldap, mod_auth_ntlm, mod_auth_kerb, etc.).
The add-ons power pack includes yearly maintanance and bug fixes, and all future releases of new add-ons.

You might find the following comparison table helpful for comparing the open source version to the add-ons version.

Artifactory 2.1 is available for immediate download from JFrog's web site or directly from SourceForge.

The Artifactory User Guide and Online Demo contain all the information you need.

Artifactory 2.1 is released under the LGPL v3 License.


JFrog's Artifactory Team





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