Artificial Intelligence: Everything You Need To Know

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Artificial Intelligence: Everything You Need To Know

Well, maybe not everything, but certainly enough to make you realize just how much AI has grown and continues to grow in society.

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It is predicted that the AI market will reach $153 billion in coming years. AI is slowly but surely making its presence felt in our daily lives. There are many applications of AI we are using today, from voice based personal assistant like Siri, Google Voice, Facebook bots, and Alexa, to more major advancements, like behavioural algorithms, suggestive searches, and self-controlled, self-driven vehicles boasting intense predictive capabilities. There are bots that can work as your personal assistant and help you order your food or clothes or even can book movie or flight tickets for you.

However, artificial intelligence is still in its early stage. As a developer, I could claim that every piece of code written for software has AI in it because of an algorithm that responds according to pre-defined input or user behaviour. But the matter of the fact is this is not essentially an artificial intelligence.

A real AI system is one that can learn on its own by analyzing user behaviour or user inputs. Here I am talking about neural networks like Google DeepMind. Google DeepMind is a scientific program, which can learn and solve difficult problems.

While organizations like Apple, Facebook, and Tesla roll out groundbreaking updates and progressive changes to how we interact with machine-learning technology, many of us are still confused on exactly how AI is being utilized today by organizations. What amount of an impact will this innovation have on our future and what different ways will it be affecting our daily lives? Whenever AI truly blooms, what amount of change will it have on the present iterations of this so-called technology?

Artificial Intelligence, and Our Future

The truth is that there's no halting its development and its rise. Humans have always been making efforts to improve life across every area and use of technology has become the main tool for doing that. AI will become fast, smarter, and more human-like. AI will not only learn itself but it will also solve all of life’s most difficult problems. It will also help us solve complex scientific and social mysteries regarding the environment, the origin of the universe, war, poverty, and deep space exploration.

AI may appear to be mere science fiction, but you may be amazed to discover that you're already utilizing it in your day-to-day life. AI has huge significance on your life, regardless of whether you're aware of it or not.

Virtual Personal Assistants

Siri , Google Now and Cortana are very intelligent personal assistant apps based on different platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, respectively). These apps can help you find useful information when you ask a question using your voice or tactile input. For example, you can ask about nearby restaurants, your schedule, book meeting calendars, or can message your spouse, all by just instructing through your voice. AI in these apps is important as they collect the information on your request and use that information to bring you results that are altered to your preferences.

Smart Cars

Tesla and Google are constantly working on smart cars, bringing self-driven cars closer to reality. Google's self-driven car project and Tesla's "autopilot" are two examples that have been in the news recently. Google developed an algorithm that could potentially let self-driven cars learn in the way that humans do, based on the idea that the car can look at the road ahead and make decision based on what is "sees."

Buying Prediction

Large e-commerce, such as Amazon and Flipkart, makes a lot of money if they can anticipate your requirements. Amazon’s anticipatory shipping project is what that hopes to ship your items before you need them. Amazon is already working on an anticipatory shipping project, which is all about forecasting just what we're interested in buying based on our online behavior.

Customer Experience

Cogito is one of the most powerful example of user behavioural adaption. Cogito AI solution delivers in call behavioural assistance to representatives and a real-time measure of client insight for every phone discussion. Cogito is helping thousands of agents build healthier relations with millions of customers.

AI in Entertainment

Netflix and Pandora have been  using AI for some time now. Netflix offers highly precise predictive technology based on customer's reactions to films. It analyzes billions of its records to suggest films that you may like based on your previous behaviour and choices of movies. This technology is getting smarter and more intelligent day by day.

Pandora’s AI is one of the most revolutionary technology that we are using today. Each song is manually analysed by professionals based on 400 musical characteristics and system has a great record for recommending songs to user.

Sophia, the World's 1st Robot Citizen.

You may have heard about Sophia, a social humanoid robot developed by Hong-Kong based company. This is one of the most recent and advanced example of AI. This is the first robot to receive citizenship of Saudi Arabia. She has a sense of humour, she can express feeling, she can make an eye contact, she can listen and can answer your questions. She can even walk.  Sophia is without a doubt a smart AI robot.


Artificial Intelligence is now used routinely in various fields like communication, information, entertainment, transportation, and e-commerce. AI is an energizing and revolutionizing disciplines, and AI is here to stay and grow in future.

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