AI: Transforming the Mobile App Development Industry in 2019

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AI: Transforming the Mobile App Development Industry in 2019

How can Artificial intelligence transform the mobile app development industry in 2019?

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The mainstream android app development is being revolutionized by heaps of new, inventive technological advancements in an even more fast-paced and user-centric direction. The coming year surely holds a lot of promising trends for the industry like chatbots and augmented reality, but one thing is for sure: Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will be at the center of this revolution due to the mounting customer demand for prompt, real-time access to content. This strong response from consumers is sure to fuel the growth of this progressive concept in 2019. According to Statista’s report, the global market value of AI is forecast to exceed over 89 billion US dollars by the end of the year 2025. From smart chatbots and context-aware computing to predictive analytics and intelligent speech interpretation, the new advancements of AI are precisely tailored for android app development. Here is a complete list of the AI-based innovative recommendations that businesses must start incorporating into their Android apps:

1. Face Detection

AI combines face reorganization technology with Deep Learning features to enable devices to recognize faces with 98 percent accuracy. Face detection is a computer technology that not only identifies and detects an object or human face in a digital image/video but also presents the function in different frames. More and more companies have been using Image Recognition (IR) technology in their security-based and tracking apps to verify users by their faces, secure apps and confidential data, detect license plates, and unlock the phone. According to the latest news, developers are now trying to implement its features for processing credit card payments just with a scan of your face without needing to swipe a card and also for the analysis of images to check bank cards.

2. AI Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence is bridging the gap between businesses and customers. The technology, in the form of smart Chatbots, is now becoming the most prevalent choice for brands to offer exceptional conversational experience to their clientele. The AI Chatbots are perfectly able to not only manage multiple users simultaneously but also improve their query response with each conversation. According to a survey, around 94 percent of smartphone users think that Chatbots provide them with the right optimum solutions to satisfy their requirements with personalized products or services. Not to mention, these intelligent assistants have entirely transformed and fortified the future of customer support services. Another survey from Oracle revealed that 80 percent of businesses are expected to use bots by the year 2020. These findings indicate that AI and its small agents — chatbots — are here to stay for a long time and transform the market in several positive ways.

3. Image and Voice Recognition

Both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have streamlined the search engine experience for users by allowing them to search via not only text but also images and voice. Most businesses will integrate voice recognition, app localization, and image recognition features into their Android apps to improve the user experience as well as conversion rate.

4. Strong App Authentication

Experts say that most AI-based apps will be developed with parallel technologies including Predictive Analysis and ML algorithms. In this manner, businesses will be able to gather user data via Point-of-Sale (POS) machines, mobile devices, and traffic sources, and then sift through the collected information using algorithms to reduce app security concerns, frauds, and other threats. This will also enable them to find key trends and adjust their app to deliver richer personalized and contextual experiences. Such apps will analyze the user behavior and alert the customer about any suspicious threats and breach vulnerabilities.

5. Landmark Detection

By detecting particular points in an image, AI enables you to automatically read various radiology pictures and detect both natural as well as artificial structures within an image. Image recognition can be of great use in identifying a photo as a possible landmark against the geolocation data and visual match. Instead of playing around general entities such as mountains, cats, and buildings, researchers are now putting more focus on instance-level and fine-grained recognition issues.

Although AI is not a new concept, many companies have yet to understand and implement various elements of Machine Learning in their app development. By using advanced AI-powered features, businesses can significantly improve the most prominent areas of Android apps including self-learning, security, image analysis, etc.

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