How Do You Make the Agile Switch?

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How Do You Make the Agile Switch?

Using a few plans to motivate leadership and employees in an organization to move towards agile adoption.

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Based on the book “Switch: How to change things when the change is hard?” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, we discover the basic personalities of the Rider and the Elephant in each team member that continue to conflict, the recommended techniques within solutions like “Direct the Rider”, “Motivate the Elephant”, or “Shape the Path” could be easily adopted in an enterprise agile transformation journey across teams.

Are they pilot agile teams and managers who are leading the way you’re headed? If so, those are the bright spots. Establish processes and capabilities that identify bright spots within your organization and implement policies that allow resource rotations and shadowing with exemplary teams.

To motivate the elephant, we need to overcome the natural inertia by shrinking the change. We as agile coaches and lean agile change agents need to start small and think big, articulate small wins, perform small acts that kick the ball forward and lead to big change, and think of how leaders can appeal to the identity of the teams.

The paper describes the SWITCH Clinic Framework in action that could be used to establish a game plan using the nine dimensions that helps identify and drive the change. It contains case study of a situation, where the SWITCH template has been applied to chalk out a game plan and make the desired SWITCH.

For the entire paper, please go the url: https://www.slideshare.net/secret/K0IQokxGVtAMrk

Feel free to provide your feedback, I will be happy to answer any questions.

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