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AsciidocFX: An Editor for Asciidoc Markup Language

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AsciidocFX is editor for Asciidoc Markup Language.

It is a basic editor that reflects any changes in editor to Preview Pane immediately.

Docbook and PDF support

You can convert your Asciidoc Books to Docbook and PDF with single click.

FullScreen Support

Follow the View > Full Screen

Closable Preview Pane

Double click to Tab section editor will be expanded, dblclick again will get previous state

External Browser Support

Click "External Browser" in Preview Pane, your favorite browser will be opened.

Table Generator Feature

Follow the View > Generate Table

Closable Tabs

You can close the tab what you want and after right click to any tab, you can close all or other tabs quickly

Follow the repo: https://github.com/rahmanusta/AsciidocFX 

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